Recipe: Salted caramel banana bread

A thick slice of this salted caramel banana bread with lashings of custard is the perfect pudding for wintry evenings.

Salted caramel banana bread | Fish Fingers for Tea

This version of salted caramel banana bread is not the one I set out to make. I wanted one with a layer of caramel smack bang in the middle of the loaf, but I ended up with a beautifully moist, slightly sticky, caramel flavoured banana bread with a thick layer of caramel firmly at the bottom.

You can’t be disappointed with banana bread for long though. I snaffled a slice when it should have been cooling and realised that I had perfect wintry pudding fodder on my hands.

Served still warm with lashings of custard it was more effective at keeping the cold at bay than my favourite slipper socks. And that’s saying something. Continue reading

Let’s talk: Perfect nights in and a chance to win one!

My younger self would have been horrified at the thought of a Friday or Saturday night spent in at home. Surely that was for old people? And parents.

Now I am a parent to a lively nearly 5 year old the thought of a night out makes me far too tired. Nights in are definitely where it’s at.

Our perfect night in would involve friends, family, a whole lot of food, a board game or two and a film with copious amounts of popcorn. Fluffy slippers optional.

sainsbury's perfect night in

We’d kick off with burgers, along with bowls of add-ins so people can customise their own to their hearts content. Sweet potato fries make a nice change to regular chips. Then out come the board games and a battle to see who reigns supreme at Connect 4 whilst munching on chocolate peanut butter rice crispy cakes.

We’re fiercely competitive so once I’ve – obviously – held on to my board game crown it’s time to calm things down a bit and stick on a film or two. Something family friendly for Izzy – anything with talking animals is always a hit – and then a more grown up option for when she’s tucked up safely in bed. There must be popcorn though – chilli and parmesan for those that prefer their popcorn to be savoury and a huge tub of chocolate and peanut butter popcorn for the rest of us.

A mug of proper hot chocolate, perhaps with a cheeky shot of rum in there, will round things off nicely before it’s time to head to bed without queuing for taxis and handing over a fortune to a babysitter.


So how about you? What does your perfect night in look like?

Sainsbury’s would like to help you create your perfect night in and running a fabulous prize draw to give you a chance to win a 40” HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury’s vouchers and a selection of their best-selling DVD’s. It sounds like they’ve got everything covered! You have until Friday 14th November to enter so hop on over and get your entry in.

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Sainsbury’s Bank

Recipe: Double chocolate peanut butter rice crispy cakes

How about a spot of baking with the kids over the last few days of half term? Or whip up a batch of these double chocolate peanut butter rice crispy cakes all for yourself.

Double chocolate rice crispy cakes | Fish Fingers for Tea

This was defiantly a case of my eyes being bigger than my belly. Or mouth really.

Izzy and I have made these chocolate peanut butter rice crispy cakes twice in less than a week – once with cornflakes and once with rice crispies. The cornflake version was a smaller batch, perfect for cutting into bars. We upped the amounts – never too much chocolate or peanut butter as far as we’re concerned – for the rice crispy version, packing an 8 by 8 baking tray and then I sliced them into 16 squares.

Being the child of a food blogger Izzy sat waiting for photographs to be taken and then we dived in.

And found that those squares were a tad on the big side and required creative biting to finish them. See, eyes bigger than my mouth and definitely bigger than Izzy’s. Of course you could whip up a batch in wider pan and end up with a shallower batch but we cut each square into triangles and thought they worked out really well.

Rice crispy cakes are such a classic childhood favourite. Izzy’s school has been making them to raise money for Macmillan recently and she’s keen to show me her skills at home too. They are very child friendly, especially if you do your melting in the microwave. Continue reading

Guest post: Healthy recipes to try this Halloween

The celebration of Halloween – or the evening before All Saints Day on October 31st – is followed across the world. Many children and their parents dress up on this occasion and grandparents often supply the edible treats for this festival. But what if you want to eat something spookily nutritious as well as devilishly tasty this year?

Halloween is a time for fun

Grandparents living in a McCarthy & Stone Assisted Living property will enjoy the welcome visit from young people dressed in their Halloween costumes and will be just as eager to put out an array of food as any other adult.

If you are planning some tasty treats, remember that too much sugar isn’t a great idea. Try some innovative ideas with a pumpkin or even nuts and fruit for a healthier alternative that still tastes great. Many people will buy pumpkins to make into lanterns but few use the flesh they remove from inside.

This is a BIG mistake and you can turn the flesh into one of the delicious recipes below.

Simple pumpkin recipes

One simple way of making pumpkin cookies is to buy a spicy cake mix and add the cooked mashed pumpkin flesh. Once the mixture is ready, place rounded tablespoons of the batter onto a lined baking tray, approximately 2 inches apart and bake for 15 minutes.

This is a simple two ingredient recipe that your kids can help you with and doesn’t contain lots of calories. You could add bright food colouring to make them stand out and decorate them with ghoulish black and white icing to really make them fit the occasion. Continue reading

Recipe: Store cupboard salmon fishcakes

Leftover mashed potato and a tin salmon come together in these quick, easy and tasty salmon fishcakes.

Store cupboard salmon fishcakes | Fish Fingers for Tea

There’s been an ongoing fish battle in the Fish Fingers for Tea household. One that I’m winning. Neither Rich nor Izzy were the biggest fish fans, for a while anything beyond fish fingers was a no go. Then we started making progress and salmon was acceptable, especially in this salmon salad. Now we’re at the stage where fish makes a semi regular appearance in our menu plans and a tin of salmon can always be found in the cupboard.

Which is handy when I, as per usual, make far too much mashed potato and want a quick and easy tea the next day. Continue reading