8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes

Hands up if you like peanut butter…

Is that pretty much everyone? Of course it is.

8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes | Fish Fingers for Tea

I had been going to talk about something completely different tonight but technical problems have put paid to that so instead I thought I would share 8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes from around the web…


Peanut butter cookies - 8 gret peanut butter recipes | Fish Fingers for Tea

I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like a good peanut butter cookie and these from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diaries look fab and have the added touch that the recipe was found in one of her grandmother’s notebooks.  Continue reading

Recipe: Cornflake tart

Prepare for back to school and go retro with this school dinner classic – cornflake tart and custard

Retro cornflake tart | Fish Fingers for Tea

There’s about 3 weeks left of the summer holidays and Izzy is due to burst with excitement about starting school. We’ve got most of her uniform and are on a daily countdown of how many sleeps are left.

I had thought I would be sending Izzy in with packed lunches but she will be having school dinners instead. It’s very different now to how it was when I was at school. For a start we have an online ordering system and pupils at Izzy’s school have a choice of 4 different options each day plus a pudding. Everything is organic, there is a huge focus on seasonal produce and as much as possible is sourced locally, including meat and even the flour used in baking.

When I was at primary school we had two choices and didn’t know what we were having until we reached the serving hatch. I have fond memories of the sausages (though looking back the actual meat content was questionable) and the spring rolls they served at my secondary school are still amongst some of the best I’ve had, despite there being nothing authentic about them.

The best things though were the puddings – chocolate sponge and chocolate custard, jam and coconut sponge and cornflake tart with somewhat lumpy custard. I was pleased to see that a lot of these will be an option for Izzy.

Feeling somewhat nostalgic I decided to make a cornflake tart for Izzy. So she’s ready for the phenomena that are school dinner puddings. Continue reading

Kitchen storage and organisation {Viking review}

What is your kitchen like? Our current kitchen is by no means large but it is the largest that we’ve had. We’ve had everything from a small box that, if you stood in the middle, you could touch all four walls to an open plan kitchen living room which was a disaster for naturally untidy people.

Kitchen storage and organisation (Viking review) | Fish Fingers for Tea

Though this is the largest kitchen we’ve had, storage is a problem. I don’t know many people who are actually happy with the amount of storage available to them. Our cupboards are awkward and things easily get lost. Counter space is at a premium and for something to have a permanent home on the side it needs to be used a lot. Of course it would help if I – and by I mean all of us in the Fish Fingers for Tea household – stopped dumping all kinds of things on the side ‘for a moment’. I need a basket there instead and to then actually return the things to their rightful homes!

A while ago Viking – yes, those office equipment people – got in touch and asked if I fancied reviewing something from their culinary range. I have to admit that I didn’t know they had a culinary range, I associate them with pens, paper and printer ink. So I looked. I could have gone for a fancy pants pod coffee machine but as I’m trying to reduce my coffee intake that seemed a little self-defeating. I was about to decline when this shelving unit caught my eye. They’re not specifically meant for kitchen storage but hey, it works for us. Continue reading

Win: A Thorntons Indulgence Intimate Wicker Hamper worth £44.99

win a Thorntons hamper

Last Wednesday was a good day. A morning spent catching up with a good friend and then this hamper of Thorntons chocolates (and chocolate liqueur!) arrived on our doorstep half an hour after we got home. Looks good huh? Carry on reading to find out how you can win one.

I have a very soft spot for Thorntons chocolates. We had a Thorntons store in town and a box of their Continental selection always accompanied any special occasions when I was younger. Over time the store turned into a discount outlet – bargain chocolates can be a very dangerous thing – but now that’s closed down. Luckily I can still get my Thornton’s fix online.

We loved the hamper. There was more than enough choice for everyone and to give away a couple of items too. My favourites were the nutty praline melts, whereas Rich found the dark chocolate block rather too tempting and I didn’t get much of a look in.

One Fish Fingers for Tea reader can also win this Indulgence Intimate Wicker Hamper. So what do you get?

• Dreamy Desserts (192g)

• Irresistible Gooey Caramel Melts (200g)

• Scrumptious Chocolate Cocktails (104g)

• Irresistible Nutty Praline Melts (200g)

• Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur 70cl

• Magnificently Milk Chocolate Block (90g)

• 70% Deliciously Dark Chocolate Block (90g)

Fancy winning one? Of course you do. There’s a handy Rafflecoptor widget below (if it’s not there then refresh the page and it should pop up) which will guide you through the process. There’s one mandatory way to enter, a couple of bonus entries and a daily entry too so there are lots of ways to try and get your hands on this lovely hamper. The giveaway will open at midnight on 6th August 2014 and close on 20th August 2014.

So tell me, what is your favourite Thorntons chocolate? Mine’s got to be the Alpini!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We were sent an identical hamper.

Meal ideas: Nigella’s marmite spaghetti

From hob to plate in less than 10 minutes Nigella’s marmite spaghetti is one of my go to choices for a solo supper. It’s also a hit with marmite loving kids.

Nigella's marmite spaghetti | Fish Fingers for Tea

Because of Rich’s shift patterns we tend to end up eating our main meal really early. We eat together as a family most of the time but there are days when I’m just not hungry at 4pm. On those days I sit down with everyone but fix myself something to eat later.

I try not to revert to a handful of crackers and a couple of slices of ham straight from the fridge when I eating alone so I have a whole list of meal ideas for speedy solo suppers – poached egg on toast (in the microwave no less!) and avocado and blue cheese on toast are favourites. But Nigella’s marmite spaghetti also features fairly heavily. Izzy loves it too so it’s a handy speedy dish to whip up on the days when time is slipping away and the cries of “I’m hungry mummy” are getting more frequent.

I won’t replicate the recipe here as I make very few changes to Nigella’s original. You can find it here or on page 49 of Kitchen (one of my favourite Nigella books, though How to be a Domestic Goddess is hard to beat).

I say marmite but we actually use vegemite and I use slightly less butter than she recommends. I stay true to the suggestion of leaving the pasta wetter than usual to help everything come together easily and I’m more than a little generous with the Grana Padano (much cheaper than parmesan). Often scoffed whilst I’m tapping away at the laptop but also a great meal to accompany a bit of time with a book and a cheeky glass of wine. Continue reading