Recipe: Mango lemon smoothie

Super quick and easy, this mango lemon smoothie is a great way to start your morning or to boost your fruit intake any time of the day.

Mango lemon smoothie | From

I don’t really do breakfast. I think I’ve said that here before but I really struggle to eat before at least 10am. Until then I’m fuelled by caffeine and caffeine alone. It is something that I’m trying to change though, not least because Izzy has started asking why she has to eat breakfast when neither Rich nor I do. Parenting by example and all that.

I have a couple of great granola recipes on the blog and I’m keeping track of ideas over on my Pinterest breakfast board. But it’s hard to break a long standing habit and convince my body that it would indeed like to run on more than coffee first thing.

Smoothies seem like a good compromise and a good place to start. This mango lemon smoothie is so easy, fast and takes so little effort. It’s filling, creamy and fruity all at the same time making it a great way to give yourself a boost in the mornings or for topping up your fruit intake any time of the day – especially now we’re all trying to reach our 7 a day goal. If you want to boost your intake even more add a banana or a couple of handfuls of raspberries – fresh once they’re in season or frozen would be just fine. Continue reading

Sponsored video: Robinsons #GETSQUASHD

Do you ever take those quizzes on Facebook? The ones that tell you what sort of fruit or animal you are? I do occasionally, usually when I’m putting off doing something that I really don’t want to do.

I think I should be some kind of fish. Maybe a dolphin. Or a seal. Bear with me. I am incredibly clumsy and can fall over my own feet but put me in water and problem solved. I think it’s the weightlessness. Zero gravity would be pretty perfect for me I think, just floating around and swimming through the air.

Fun and pretty cool.

And I’m not the only who thinks so. Robinsons challenged Framestore, the Oscar winning VFX team behind Gravity to #GETSQUASHD in Zero Gravity. It’s all to show you that squash isn’t just for at home and that with their new super concentrated capsules – you get 20 servings in a capsule – you can flavour your water pretty much anywhere. Even in zero gravity.

Squash may not be the most exciting thing in the world but this is a completely new concept for the world of squash. And the video is excellent. For those that like a bit of background on these kind of things a crew of 8 were flown 35,000 feet in the air and then plummeted 24,000 feet to create zero gravity (and a few flipping stomachs I suspect!). They had 3 minutes to film the whole thing including popping a water balloon and mixing the water droplets in the air with Robinsons Squash’d. I’d love to see the take out’s for this one….

Enjoy all of the #GETSQUASHD challenges and add your own. Plus #GETSQUASHD to win a GoPro Hero3, find out more here

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all words and opinions remain my own.

Let’s chat: Unsung kitchen heroes

Our kitchen is small. Both counter and cupboard space is limited so everything has to earn its place. The things that have a permanent home on our counter are used every day, often several times a day. But do they get due recognition? No, not really. I just expect them to do their jobs properly and not let me down. The unsung kitchen heroes.

Unsung kitchen heroes | Fish Fingers for Tea

The kettle is expected to provide me with a never ending supply of coffee but I rarely take the time to descale it properly. The toaster is crying out for the crumb tray to be emptied. The microwave. Well that’s been with me for over 10 years, been carted through 5 house moves and is more yellow than white but still valiantly goes about its business of heating beans and melting chocolate. It’s a sorry sight though.

So when John Lewis got in touch asking if I would like to treat myself to something from their electrical department my first thought was that it was finally time to retire the microwave and replace it with a brand spanking new one. Continue reading

Recipe: Peanut butter jam tarts

The jam tart is updated with a spoonful of peanut butter. A classic bake with a classic combination.

Peanut butter jam tarts | Fish Fingers for Tea

Can we talk about recipe development for a moment? It’s a long process and the majority of recipes will develop over time with a tweak here and pinch of something else there. They change. Adapt. Evolve. But they all have to start somewhere.

I still make the majority of the recipes that have already appeared on the blog but most of them are slightly different now. I may have changed the method a little, added more of something or substituted something completely different and loved it. It’s a process. Sometimes I update the recipe post but more often than not I don’t as it’s become something else. But those changes don’t take anything away from the original that was made and enjoyed.

These peanut butter jam tarts are definitely a work in progress. Made for the first time today, thoroughly enjoyed but a little rough around the edges.

But I wanted to share them with you now, in their raw state, as they are insanely easy to make and such a classic combination that I think you’ll like them as they are too. Continue reading

Meal ideas: Naan pizza

A quick and easy idea for tea. Naan pizza can be knocked up in minutes with things from your store cupboard and are great for getting the kids involved in the kitchen.

Pizza is one of our go to meals when time is tight or we just don’t want to spend much time faffing in the kitchen. There’s a few pizza ideas on the blog already but these naan pizzas are super quick and easy.

A form of pizza can be made from pretty much any bread base, and crumpet pizza or toast pizza happen on a fairly regular basis in our house. But this version uses shop bought naan bread; a garlic and coriander version for a bit of extra flavour.

Naan pizza | Fish Fingers for Tea

Everything else can be found in your store cupboard or fridge. Store cupboard cooking is my favourite kind, it keeps things budget friendly and meals knocked up from things you already have tend to be on the speedy side.

These can be as simple or as fancy as you like. I like to mix some oregano paste in with the tomato puree for an extra layer of flavour but just plain tomato puree and a bit of grated cheddar is always a winner. I keep an eye on shops like B&M and Home Bargains for things like herb pastes (minced herbs stored in oil) as they tend to cost a lot less than you would pay for in the supermarkets. I also pick up jars of artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes in oil (Aldi stock a great range for 99p) to liven up pizza, pasta, salads and rice dishes. Continue reading