Eat: 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

3 ingredient peanut butter cookies | Fish Fingers for Tea

In my mind Sundays involve a lie in and an unrushed breakfast, being able to linger over the newspapers and keep topping up my mug from the coffee pot. A walk somewhere pretty followed by a roast dinner in front of a roaring fire would be nice; as would an evening on the sofa, a soak in the bath and a good session with my book before getting into bed.

The reality is usually a bleary eyed start, wondering if I have the energy to rustle up some pancakes for everyone but settling for coffee, toast and cereal. Battling through the pile of washing that I neglected in the week and fishing pairs of tights from under Izzy’s bed. School reading diaries must be found and filled in, bath and hair wash time negotiated and a million and one jobs to be completed before Monday rocks up again. It’s not the most relaxing of days but there is still something lovely about a family Sunday.

Baking is a constant for us on a Sunday. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I am teaching Rich to bake – we’re starting with the basics and there’s nothing better than banana bread for an introduction to baking.

These 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies are also a good place to start and they are ideal for getting small people involved with too. There’s something quite thrilling for children (and adults) when you dump the best part of a jar of peanut butter into a bowl and tell them that they are going to turn it into cookies. Continue reading

Reading: January 2015

January reading pile

Pre family life it wasn’t unusual for me to devour a book in a day or two. Books and reading have always been important to me and I would read pretty much anywhere. Five years into parenthood though, finding the time to read has been more and more difficult and I’m ashamed to say that a month or more can go by between picking up a book and actually finishing it.

My love of books is still very much there though and I’m determined that this year I will make time to read every day – even if it is just a couple of pages before I fall asleep in bed.

So these are my books on my reading pile at the moment. My ‘to read’ list is actually ridiculously long but I’m trying to keep my active reading pile to just two or three as it’s less daunting that way. Continue reading

Eat: Jam and coconut sponge

A classic pudding that many of us will remember from school – jam and coconut sponge served with lashings of custard to help keep the cold at bay.

Jam and coconut sponge

Shall I start with wishing you all a very belated happy New Year? How was your Christmas? Lots of fun I hope, with plenty of good food, time with family and more laughter than you can shake a stick at. There’s no denying that it’s been more than a little quiet around here for a while now and there have been many reasons for that.

There’s been a lot of change in the Fish Fingers for Tea household. Mainly positive – eventually – but it’s been a bit of a slog recently and blogging had to take a back seat. We’re slowly getting back up onto our feet now and are ready to embrace all the changes that have happened and that are still to come.

Part of that change will be this blog. It’s obvious that I adore food but I have a ton of other interests and things I would like to share here. Blogs are ever evolving as their authors change and as that’s been the case with me, I feel like it’s a good time to make the changes here too. For a while now I’ve felt confined by limiting Fish Fingers for Tea to just food. I contemplated starting a second blog but as one of the changes is that I now have a second job – more on that at a later date – I know I don’t have the time to commit to running two.

School dinner style jam and coconut sponge

So. You can expect to see a wider variety of posts here from now on. I’d love to cover everything from what I’m reading, what I’m using and buying, what we’re doing as a family, where we go, how we’re learning a new way of living our lives and everything in-between. And of course food. There will still be lots of food. It’s just more of our life will be incorporated.

I’d love you stick around and see what you think of the changes as they happen and let me know your thoughts on it. You can contact me in all the usual ways – email me over on the contact page or get in touch via Facebook. Continue reading

Recipe: Salted caramel banana bread

A thick slice of this salted caramel banana bread with lashings of custard is the perfect pudding for wintry evenings.

Salted caramel banana bread | Fish Fingers for Tea

This version of salted caramel banana bread is not the one I set out to make. I wanted one with a layer of caramel smack bang in the middle of the loaf, but I ended up with a beautifully moist, slightly sticky, caramel flavoured banana bread with a thick layer of caramel firmly at the bottom.

You can’t be disappointed with banana bread for long though. I snaffled a slice when it should have been cooling and realised that I had perfect wintry pudding fodder on my hands.

Served still warm with lashings of custard it was more effective at keeping the cold at bay than my favourite slipper socks. And that’s saying something. Continue reading

Let’s talk: Perfect nights in and a chance to win one!

My younger self would have been horrified at the thought of a Friday or Saturday night spent in at home. Surely that was for old people? And parents.

Now I am a parent to a lively nearly 5 year old the thought of a night out makes me far too tired. Nights in are definitely where it’s at.

Our perfect night in would involve friends, family, a whole lot of food, a board game or two and a film with copious amounts of popcorn. Fluffy slippers optional.

sainsbury's perfect night in

We’d kick off with burgers, along with bowls of add-ins so people can customise their own to their hearts content. Sweet potato fries make a nice change to regular chips. Then out come the board games and a battle to see who reigns supreme at Connect 4 whilst munching on chocolate peanut butter rice crispy cakes.

We’re fiercely competitive so once I’ve – obviously – held on to my board game crown it’s time to calm things down a bit and stick on a film or two. Something family friendly for Izzy – anything with talking animals is always a hit – and then a more grown up option for when she’s tucked up safely in bed. There must be popcorn though – chilli and parmesan for those that prefer their popcorn to be savoury and a huge tub of chocolate and peanut butter popcorn for the rest of us.

A mug of proper hot chocolate, perhaps with a cheeky shot of rum in there, will round things off nicely before it’s time to head to bed without queuing for taxis and handing over a fortune to a babysitter.


So how about you? What does your perfect night in look like?

Sainsbury’s would like to help you create your perfect night in and running a fabulous prize draw to give you a chance to win a 40” HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury’s vouchers and a selection of their best-selling DVD’s. It sounds like they’ve got everything covered! You have until Friday 14th November to enter so hop on over and get your entry in.

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Sainsbury’s Bank