Win £750 worth of gift vouchers for your creative cupcake recipe

Win £750 worth of vouchers for your creative cupcake recipe

When Izzy was a couple of months old I became somewhat obsessed with baking cupcakes. And eating them of course. They weren’t anything fancy at first, just a basic sponge recipe with occasional add-in’s topped with a pile of fluffy buttercream.

I would have loved to be able to produce ones that were pretty and dainty but I’m far too heavy handed for that kind of thing. But I soon started to experiment with flavours to come up with ones that were a bit more creative, even if they weren’t much in the looks department – apple pie cupcakes, beetroot and chocolate and black forest cupcakes were soon regulars in our kitchen.

I haven’t made cupcakes in a long time now but with it being National Cupcake Week next week (15th – 27th September) I may just have to rectify that. To celebrate National Cupcake Week Betta Living are running a fabulous competition where you could win £750 worth of high street vouchers just by blogging your creative cupcake recipe.

So if you’re heading into the kitchen over the next couple of days then how about seeing how creative you can get with a cupcake?

You can find full details here but in a nutshell you just need to blog your recipe for your most creative cupcake and use the hashtag #bettabakeoff on Twitter. Entries will be judged by cupcake expert Sarah Wilson-Gibbons, director of Hey Little Cupcake and the winner will receive £750 worth of gift vouchers. That could take the pressure off for Christmas! There is also a runner-up prize of £250 worth of gift vouchers. Not too shabby at all eh!

You have until midday on Monday 15th September 2014 to get entries in so get cracking!

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Betta Living and in the interests of full disclosure the cupcakes in the photo were ones that I bought instead of baked. Shocking I know!  

Recipe: Puff pastry marmite and cheese whirls

These 3 ingredient marmite and cheese scrolls are packed with flavour and great for lunch boxes and after school snacks.

3 ingredient puff pastry marmite and cheese swirls | Fish Fingers for Tea

Marmite tends to be one of the world’s dividers – you either love it or hate. I have a friend who thinks it should be a controlled substance and not be consumed in public. A little extreme perhaps but Marmite does tend to produce strong opinions.

We’re all huge fans of the stuff in the Fish Fingers for Tea household – both Marmite and Vegemite, the version from down under. Marmite toast is the thing we turn to when we need a bit of comfort, after an upset tummy or just because.

But it makes an appearance in many other forms too – if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that my new favourite combination is Marmite and avocado on toast, a spoonful melted into shepherd’s pie or a stew adds a richness and depth and these marmite and cheese whirls are popular.

Just three ingredients – ready rolled puff pastry, Marmite and cheddar – make for a quick and easy bake ready for lunch boxes and snacks. Continue reading

Recipe: Blackberry and almond tart

Make the most of in season sweet and juicy blackberries with this blackberry and almond tart

Blackberry and almond tart | Fish Fingers for Tea

This tart has been sat in my draft folder for a couple of weeks now. During that time we’ve made it through the last of the school holidays, visiting family, school uniform shopping, a broken laptop and finally, today, Izzy’s first day at school! It’s been full on but now we’re safely into September and it’s time to get back to our, much welcome, routine.

How are the blackberries with you? They’ve been very early here and Izzy and I have made several trips to our favourite wood to pick a bagful. We’ll be heading there again over the weekend to stock up for the freezer, there’s nothing like a burst of blackberry flavour in the depths of winter.

Those that haven’t been eaten by the handful have been turned into crumbles and cakes, but this blackberry and almond tart was by far the most popular. It has already been requested for a November birthday – another reason to fill the freezer. Continue reading

Recipe: Dairy free chocolate and banana milkshake

A blender recipe for dairy free chocolate and banana milkshake using almond milk, bananas and cocoa powder. Thick, indulgent and nothing to make you feel guilty.

Dairy free chocolate and banana milkshake - blender recipe | Fish Fingers for Tea

Before we talk milkshake can I tell you about my new gadget? I’m very excited.

Up until recently I’d always been happy with my blender, it did what I needed it to but I was very aware that some things were off limits simply because my blender wasn’t powerful enough. I was very envious of those with a Vitamix but knew that it was never realistically going to be in our budget.

Then I started spotting a brand called Froothie – they are Australian and breaking into the European market – popping up on some of my favourite blogs. Apparently their blender was more powerful than the Vitamix and cheaper to boot. My ears pricked up. It would require a lot of saving but a Froothie Optimum 9400 was much more within reach than a Vitamix.

And then I was offered the chance to review one. I don’t think I’ve ever said yes to anything so quickly before.

I will be posting a full review once I’ve been using it for a bit longer but it’s safe to say that you’ve probably guessed that I’m more than happy with it.

Drinks are the most obvious thing to whizz up in a blender and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve been dipping my toe in the world of green smoothies. But let’s start with a milkshake.

This dairy free chocolate and banana milkshake uses almond milk, frozen bananas and cocoa powder. No nasties, thick, indulgent and squashes that chocolate craving in a flash. Continue reading

8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes

Hands up if you like peanut butter…

Is that pretty much everyone? Of course it is.

8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes | Fish Fingers for Tea

I had been going to talk about something completely different tonight but technical problems have put paid to that so instead I thought I would share 8 fabulous sweet and savoury peanut butter recipes from around the web…


Peanut butter cookies - 8 gret peanut butter recipes | Fish Fingers for Tea

I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t like a good peanut butter cookie and these from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diaries look fab and have the added touch that the recipe was found in one of her grandmother’s notebooks.  Continue reading