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Recipe: Puff pastry marmite and cheese whirls

These 3 ingredient marmite and cheese scrolls are packed with flavour and great for lunch boxes and after school snacks.

3 ingredient puff pastry marmite and cheese swirls | Fish Fingers for Tea

Marmite tends to be one of the world’s dividers – you either love it or hate. I have a friend who thinks it should be a controlled substance and not be consumed in public. A little extreme perhaps but Marmite does tend to produce strong opinions.

We’re all huge fans of the stuff in the Fish Fingers for Tea household – both Marmite and Vegemite, the version from down under. Marmite toast is the thing we turn to when we need a bit of comfort, after an upset tummy or just because.

But it makes an appearance in many other forms too – if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that my new favourite combination is Marmite and avocado on toast, a spoonful melted into shepherd’s pie or a stew adds a richness and depth and these marmite and cheese whirls are popular.

Just three ingredients – ready rolled puff pastry, Marmite and cheddar – make for a quick and easy bake ready for lunch boxes and snacks. Continue reading

Recipe: Goat’s cheese and beetroot pizza

Goat’s cheese and beetroot may not be the most obvious combination for a pizza but it works beautifully; salty goat’s cheese and earthy beetroot play nicely together. Lovely hot from the oven but a cold slice for lunch the next day is just as good.

Monday seems like a good day to talk about pizza. I was shocked when Izzy declared that she didn’t like pizza for many months. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? Bread, cheese, and all manner of good things. It’s no different from a sandwich or a quesadilla and she would happily live on nothing but those! And she had been happily scoffing slices of the stuff for ages. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand small person logic when it comes to food. But things changed and along with deciding that she likes eggs and tomato ketchup she has decided that she likes pizza. Again.

There may have been a happy dance in the kitchen.

Goat's cheese and beetroot pizza

Pizza is so incredibly versatile and will take pretty much anything you throw at it quite happily. Here we’ve combined beautifully soft caramelised balsamic vinegar onions with salty goat’s cheese and earthy cooked beetroot. It’s delicious hot from the oven when the mozzarella is gloriously stringy but works just as well cold the next day, when the flavours have settled down and merged together. Cold pizza is a very lovely thing indeed, though I know not everyone will agree with me. Continue reading

Recipe: Mincemeat sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are given a fruity festive twist – perfect for any time of the festive season but an excellent way to use up the last of the mincemeat.

How was your Christmas? Ours was lovely and quiet, a much needed contrast to the non-stop days of busyness that took us from Izzy’s birthday to 25th December in a blink of an eye. We ate a lot, too much?, stomped in the local woods, watched films and generally lazed around. But now it’s pretty much all back to normal; decorations down, Rich and I back to work and only a few days left off preschool for Izzy.

mincemeat sausage rolls

How about your leftovers? The chances are that you’ve still got a few festive foodie bits floating around and these mincemeat sausage rolls are a good way of using up those last few spoonfuls of mincemeat lurking at the bottom of the jar. This was idea that I originally spotted in the Christmas edition of the Asda magazine and meant to make much earlier in the season. They were relegated to being knocked up the day after we took our decorations down and I was looking for a way to clear the mincemeat jar out of the fridge. Next year they’ll be making an appearance much earlier on. Continue reading

Recipe: Cheesy pull apart garlic bread

Are we still in March? It doesn’t feel like we’re in March. Biting winds, freezing temperatures and the return of the dreaded white stuff makes me suspect that something odd has happened and we’ve landed back in January.

Still, I guess any excuse to keep on with the comfort food should be celebrated on some level and this cheesy pull apart garlic bread is pure comfort.

Cheesy pull apart garlic bread

Garlic bread is something of an issue in our house. We’re all gluttons for it and Izzy especially can demolish an entire baguette in record time. Add cheese and we meet our cheesy garlic bread nirvana. Continue reading

Recipe: Turkey, stuffing and cranberry pies

I’m afraid this is it. There’s no point in delaying it, Christmas is landing at Fishfingers for tea. Throughout the year the folks at Lean on Turkey have challenged me to come up with a variety of recipes with turkey and now here we are at the time of year when it’s the meat that a lot of people are planning for. So it seems appropriate to kick off the festive season by talking about what to do with your leftovers.

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry pies

I do think that the best thing to do with leftover turkey is to pack it in to the mother of all sandwiches with a bit of everything else – any one else remember that episode of Friends where Ross loses the plot because his boss ate his Thanksgiving sandwich? – but it’s good to have a few alternatives. Leftovers lend themselves well to curries, soups and are happy to be thrown in with some pasta. And of course there’s always a pie. Continue reading