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Recipe: Cornflake tart

Prepare for back to school and go retro with this school dinner classic – cornflake tart and custard

Retro cornflake tart | Fish Fingers for Tea

There’s about 3 weeks left of the summer holidays and Izzy is due to burst with excitement about starting school. We’ve got most of her uniform and are on a daily countdown of how many sleeps are left.

I had thought I would be sending Izzy in with packed lunches but she will be having school dinners instead. It’s very different now to how it was when I was at school. For a start we have an online ordering system and pupils at Izzy’s school have a choice of 4 different options each day plus a pudding. Everything is organic, there is a huge focus on seasonal produce and as much as possible is sourced locally, including meat and even the flour used in baking.

When I was at primary school we had two choices and didn’t know what we were having until we reached the serving hatch. I have fond memories of the sausages (though looking back the actual meat content was questionable) and the spring rolls they served at my secondary school are still amongst some of the best I’ve had, despite there being nothing authentic about them.

The best things though were the puddings – chocolate sponge and chocolate custard, jam and coconut sponge and cornflake tart with somewhat lumpy custard. I was pleased to see that a lot of these will be an option for Izzy.

Feeling somewhat nostalgic I decided to make a cornflake tart for Izzy. So she’s ready for the phenomena that are school dinner puddings. Continue reading

Recipe: Apricot shortbread rounds

Soft and buttery, these apricot shortbread rounds are an easy treat to whip up for the biscuit tin.

Apricot shortbread | Fish Fingers for Tea

Rich frequently volunteers my baking services and frequently forgets to tell me until the last minute. With only a few hours until he was due to leave for work and a promise of birthday goodies made I needed something that I could knock up quickly. My go to baking for gifts is normally gluten free hazelnut brownies but they were a no go thanks to a lack of both cocoa and hazelnuts.

I did have half a bag of dried apricots though and thought they might be just the thing for a summery shortbread. Buttery, sweet but not overly so and packed with pieces of apricot they make for a lovely treat with a cup of tea and a sit down.

I sliced the dough thickly to get a substantial biscuit that stayed quite soft. Popping the dough into the fridge makes it so much easier to cut. The ends aren’t likely to be perfect but hey, cooks perks as far as I’m concerned! Continue reading

Recipe: 3 ingredient Nutella cookies

3 ingredient Nutella cookies are just that – cookies made from Nutella, flour and an egg. Very much a novelty cookie that is a lot of fun to make with the kids.

3 ingredient Nutella cookies| Fish Fingers for Tea

If you like Fish Fingers for Tea on Facebook then you may have seen that I posted a recipe for 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies on Monday. And now here I am talking about 3 ingredient Nutella cookies.

Good things come in three’s. Or something like that.

I’ve seen recipes for both the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and 3 ingredient nutella cookies floating around the internet for a long time but had never made them myself until recently.

They’re fun.

Ok, they’re not the world’s best cookies but both have a certain moreish quality to them and disappeared rather rapidly. Continue reading

Recipe: Triple chocolate brownie cookie pie

A cross between a brownie and a giant cookie this brownie cookie pie is quick and easy to whip up and offers two treats in one – warm with a scoop of ice cream or cold with a glass of milk.

Triple chocolate brownie cookie pie | from

I’m not sure if ‘pie’ is really the right term here, there’s no crust and a google search for cookie pie turns up hundreds where there’s a very definite crust. What it actually is one of my go to recipes for seriously chocolate cookies baked in a pie dish. Whatever you want to call it, it’s good.

It turns out that if you take a recipe for indulgent chocolate cookies and bake it this way it turns into a brownie cookie pie hybrid, with a thin crust on top, chewy edges and a very different centre depending on whether you eat it warm or cold.

Warm it’s fudgy with pockets of melted chocolate and crying out for a scoop of ice cream and a spoon. Cold it’s much more cakey, just right for clasping in one hand, with a glass of milk in the other while you sofa slump and drop crumbs down your pj’s. Continue reading

Recipe: Ginger and raspberry butter cookies

Ginger and raspberry butter cookies are perfect to give as Valentine’s Day offering or to share with friends. Soft buttery cookies flavoured with ground ginger, topped with dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.

Are you the hearts and flowers sort? I’m not and luckily neither is Rich (or maybe luckily for him!) which means that Valentine’s Day is a very simple affair. Most years we’ve stuck to a card, a decent steak and a spot of sofa slouching. An effort was made on the first 14th February we were together but our affection is shown through cups of coffee delivered with perfect timing, a lot of banter and I pair his socks. Now that’s love.

ginger and raspberry butter cookies

I’m a bad food blogger when it comes to delivering timely seasonal recipes and I must confess that these ginger and raspberry butter cookies didn’t start out as an idea for a Valentine’s Day post. It was only when I realised the date and spotted the heart cookie cutters in the kitchen that they turned into what you see here. They are inspired by Rich’s current obsession with John Crabbie & Co Scottish Raspberry with a Twist of Ginger soft drink. He discovered it just before Christmas and it seems to have found a regular place on our shopping list. Continue reading