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Recipe: Ginger and raspberry butter cookies

Ginger and raspberry butter cookies are perfect to give as Valentine’s Day offering or to share with friends. Soft buttery cookies flavoured with ground ginger, topped with dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.

Are you the hearts and flowers sort? I’m not and luckily neither is Rich (or maybe luckily for him!) which means that Valentine’s Day is a very simple affair. Most years we’ve stuck to a card, a decent steak and a spot of sofa slouching. An effort was made on the first 14th February we were together but our affection is shown through cups of coffee delivered with perfect timing, a lot of banter and I pair his socks. Now that’s love.

ginger and raspberry butter cookies

I’m a bad food blogger when it comes to delivering timely seasonal recipes and I must confess that these ginger and raspberry butter cookies didn’t start out as an idea for a Valentine’s Day post. It was only when I realised the date and spotted the heart cookie cutters in the kitchen that they turned into what you see here. They are inspired by Rich’s current obsession with John Crabbie & Co Scottish Raspberry with a Twist of Ginger soft drink. He discovered it just before Christmas and it seems to have found a regular place on our shopping list. Continue reading

Recipe: Chilli honey cookies

It’s rare that you’ll find a recipe here that calls for a very specific ingredient but I hope that you’ll let it slide this time. You see, I have an obsession. A while ago the folks at Gran Luchito sent me a little parcel with some of their paste, mayo and honey. I’d seen Gran Luchito popping up around the internet and Rich is a chilli fiend so I was keen to give them a try.

This isn’t just a chilli paste, it’s something quite different. The taste is much more complex than just heat, though it is very hot, the chillies are smoked which gives a completely different dimension and there’s also a sweetness as well. Since I had Izzy, I’ve become a bit of a chilli wimp but there is something rather addictive about this. The mayonnaise is my favourite, perfect for dipping chips into or spreading on a sandwich. Since I’ve run out I’ve been making my own by stirring half a teaspoon of the paste into a couple of dollops of Hellmann’s. But I wanted to try something a little different with the honey. My immediate thoughts were to use it in a marinade but I was interested to see how it would work in something sweet.

chilli honey cookies

I ended up making these chilli honey cookies. Very similar to Lebkucken, they are soft and almost cakey. The heat is gentle and leaves a tingle on your lips rather than a full on firey mouth feel, contrasting nicely with the sweetness from the honey. As chilli and chocolate is such a great combination there was little choice but to half dip them in chocolate. Continue reading

Recipe: Apple and cinnamon flapjack

Autumn means the British apple season and what better way to get stuck in than combining it with the return of one of my favourite sweet treats to the Fishfingers for tea kitchen? This apple and cinnamon flapjack is just the ticket for the chiller days.

There’s a gentle hint of cinnamon in these moist rectangles of loveliness. And with the addition of sultanas along with the apple, you can tell yourself that you’re working on your 5 a day when you sit down with a piece and a cuppa.

apple cinnamon flapjack

I leave the skin on when I’m grating apples for these and tell myself that it’s to keep hold of those important nutrients. In reality I’m lazy.  Continue reading

Recipe: Simple jam and cream biscuits

The first rule about Fight Club…no, wait.

The first rule about cooking with kids is to throw your expectations out of the window. Unless you are incredibly lucky it is doubtful you will emerge from a baking session with neat and tidy goodies, a kitchen that looks anything less than a disaster zone or without flour in your hair and a child who is covered in dough, butter and has somehow got jam in their ear.

It will be messy. There may be an uncontrollable urge to take over. There will be a certain amount of stress and possibly a tantrum while you wait for the oven to do its thing. The results will have a certain, um, rustic look to them. But it is fun and the sense of achievement a small person can gain from baking their own biscuits is huge. Continue reading

Recipe: Smartie Cookies

Along with struggling to find the time to blog at the moment, the amount of baking that’s happening in the kitchen is seriously reduced. It’s not that I don’t want to, I really do and I find myself wandering off into cake based day dreams but other things are more pressing at the moment.

Small people don’t accept the lack of time excuse though and when they come to you with an apron in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other then it’s time to put other things to one side and grab the scales. Continue reading