Recipe: Overnight oats. Breakfast for dinner and food in jars.

I’m always a little late with food trends. Well make that trends in general. I’m aware of their presence but I never seem to get around to giving them a go myself until either everyone’s been there and done that or it’s so far in the past that it can be considered retro. So I’m throwing two into the mix together here – breakfast for dinner and food in jars.

Overnight oats. Or overnight oatmeal as it’s called in America. I kept seeing recipes for it on Pinterest and then it started popping up in my Instagram feed. I’m not a huge breakfast fan – unless I’m actually in the States but that’s another story – but I do like breakfast for supper.

With the heat we’ve had recently I haven’t really found my appetite until the evenings and this has been what I’ve been craving. Chilled oats with raisins, cranberries and chocolate chunks.

I’m reluctant to call this a recipe. It’s not really. More of an idea adapted from the hundreds of combinations I’ve seen. This is what works for me. Grab a jar, half fill it with oats, throw in some fruit and more than likely some chocolate. Top it up with milk and then shove it in the fridge until later.

Kind of like slow cooking but for the fridge.

The oats soak in the milk and soften, the fruit swells and the chocolate, well, that’s just chocolate really. It makes an ideal supper as well as a good breakfast. It’s not heavy at all but is perfectly satisfying. Play around with the amount of milk. I suggest covering the oats and then a little bit more, you can easily loosen it with some more milk, yogurt or even cream if you need to. You might find that you prefer it with a much more generous amount of milk at the start.

It’s endlessly adaptable. Add brown sugar or honey. Use the fruit you like. How about apple and cinnamon. Fresh berries would be good. Chuck in some nuts. Play. Have fun.

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Overnight oats

Yield: 1 jar

Breakfast for dinner and food in jars. The perfect no fuss breakfast, lunch, tea or supper with minimal prep and can be altered to work with whatever is in your cupboard. There are no measurements given below as it all depends on the size of your jar and personal preference. I have given one of my favourite combinations but really, you can adapt this however you like. Throw in some brown sugar or honey. Add in different fruit or a fruit puree. Stir through some yogurt at the end or loosen with cream, I won’t tell. Add cinnamon and apple. Nuts maybe. The possibilities are endless…


  • Rolled oats
  • Dried fruit – I use jumbo raisins and cranberries
  • Chocolate chunks
  • Milk – Skimmed, semi or full fat, non dairy milk is also fine.
  • You will also need a jar with a lid.


  1. Half fill your jar with rolled oats. Add in the dried fruit and chocolate chunks and give it a mix. Pour in the milk until the oats are covered. Stir well, screw on the lid and pop in the fridge, either overnight ready for breakfast the next morning or prep it in the morning for supper that night.
  2. Before eating, give it a stir, you may find you need to loosen it with some more milk, yogurt or cream before digging in.