Farewell Google Reader

When I first started blogging it was easy to keep up with the blogs that I read. Then that changed and I didn’t have the time to jump from blog to blog seeing if anything new had been posted. Google Reader quickly became my friend and meant I could catch up with my favourite blogs anywhere. But it’s going. In the morning.

If Google Reader is your blog reading weapon of choice you’ve probably got your alternative sorted but if you haven’t then I have a few ways you can keep up with Fishfingers for tea.


I admit it, I can be incredibly shallow and that’s why Bloglovin’ has become my blog reader of choice. It’s so pretty! And almost like reading a magazine. If you haven’t already signed up then creating an account is easy and just takes a couple of minutes. Once you’re signed up you can either import your subscriptions from Google Reader (if you’re in time) or just search for your favourite blogs. Fishfingers for tea is here.

I’ve also heard good things about Feedly but haven’t tried it myself so can’t vouch for it. But if that’s the way you’re heading then you can add me to your subscription list here.

Email or RSS feed

If you’re reading this on the actual blog – if you’re not then I’ll wait while you pop across – then have a look to your right and you’ll see a box at the top which says ‘subscribe for free’. If you click the orange icon underneath that it will take you to a page where you can choose your favourite reader to get my posts through too. There’s also an option to sign up to get posts emailed to you.

Just a quick reminder here that if you sign up for email subscriptions you need to click the link in the verification email that Feedburner will send you, or else it won’t work.


I’m not around on the blog as much for various reasons but you can find me over on the Fishfingers for tea Facebook page on a regular basis. There’s a nice little community growing over there and I’d love for you to join us. Along with photos and ramblings, I post links to my latest blog posts. As Facebook is a bit of a law unto itself with what it decides to show in your feed, a tip to make sure you keep up with the latest is to hover over the like button and click ‘show in newsfeed’

Of course, having said all that, you could go old school and just drop by the blog every now and again to see what we’ve been cooking. How retro!

Whilst we’re at it, if you’re the stalking type then you can also find me at Instagram, Pinterest (if you like sandwiches and things on toast as much as I do then you might like my boards) and Twitter. Admittedly I’m not on Twitter much these days but I do find it goes in cycles and I suspect I’ll be back along there soon enough.

I’ll be back later in the week with a round up of some of the new products we’ve been trying lately and a fun recipe which was meant for Izzy but the adults seemed to enjoy just as much.