Recipe: Chocolate chunk sour cream scones

Rich occasionally challenges me to make something delicate. Something small and more on the refined side. I invariably fail miserably and just don’t seem to have the knack to produce dainty morsels. I admire those that can turn their hand to delicate treats, presenting plates of uniformed sized pretty things. Mine are firmly in the rustic camp and have that distinctive home made look to them.

chocolate chunk sour cream scones

Today I’m sharing a recipe for chocolate chunk sour cream scones with you over at Poppy Loves. These are certainly not delicate. They are chunky and satisfying, packed with chocolate chunks with a slight tang from the sour cream and a crunchy top. Perfect for a day that calls for sitting on the sofa, mug of coffee in one hand, a scone in the other and watching the snow fall. Pop over to get the recipe and I’ll be back next week with more cake and one of our favourite family dishes.