Sponsored video: Samsung presents Monkey Thief

I spend too much time daydreaming about my perfect kitchen. I could describe it to you in minute detail from the colour of the walls to the cupboard doors to the shelf for the ‘not to be used just for looking at’ teacups. But that would be boring for anyone other than me so I won’t.

When it comes to kitchen appliances I’m a bit of a magpie and usually have my eye on those that are all singing and dancing. My current ones are all a bit worn and tired now, my microwave is over 10 years old, the oven door has been known to come off in my hand and my fridge is so small that I feel like I’m starting a game of tetris when it comes to putting the food shopping away. In my ideal kitchen I’d have a large fridge freezer, with enough room so I didn’t have to stop an avalanche whenever I opened the door.

Kind of like the new offering from Samsung. It has a shelf you can pull out so there’s no danger of forgetting about that lettuce at the back. There’s a practical sized door shelf, so bottles actually fit rather than trying to squeeze a 4 pint milk bottle in when it’s full. The freezer boasts a drawer that will accommodate much larger items with no dead space and an impressive sounding array of technology that regulates temperature and air circulation.

Along with being incredibly energy efficient it offers a lot of really practical solutions for one of the hardest working kitchen appliances. It makes things easier. Easy in, easy out as Samsung would say. And these monkeys would agree…

Sponsored post. This post has been sponsored by Samsung. All thoughts remain my own.