Review: Flavourly Box

You can get most things in the post these days and monthly subscription services are springing up all over the place. The latest to arrive on the scene is the Flavour Box from Flavourly. Concentrating on independently produced artisan food products from around the UK, a monthly subscription fee of £22 will get a package of carefully selected products delivered to your door.

Flavourly box review

Everything arrived in a sturdy cardboard box and it was good to see that the packaging was recyclable, no nasty polystyrene balls here. As well as supporting small independent businesses throughout the UK, Flavourly also donate one meal per purchase to the Fareshare food bank charity. Good stuff all round there then.

Our box contained:

Northumbland Cheese Co – Farmhouse Nettle Cheese

Eat 17 – Bacon Jam

ForestKitchen – Oatcakes

ForestKitchen – Whisky Tablet Slab

Isle of Wight Biltong – Air Cured Beef

Wee Tea Company – Rooibus and Vanilla Tea

For me these boxes are all about experiencing products and producers that you might not otherwise come across. Though I have heard great things about bacon jam, it’s not something that I have taken the time to seek out here in rural Lincolnshire. And surely that’s the point of a tasting box, finding new things that you might normally bypass when you see them. Half of the contents in our box were suitable for vegetarians. Not bad if you also have a carnivore in the house but I do wonder if there could be an option for a purely vegetarian box?

The Good:

Recyclable packaging

Support of small businesses and the donation to Fareshare.

The box means that you can experience new products and artisan food producers that you might not have discovered otherwise.

The not so good:

I was slightly dubious about sending cheese through the post. It might be fine now but what about in the warmer months?

At the moment you can’t specify what kind of things you like or don’t like. Though trying new things is always good there’s the chance you may end up with several things you won’t eat.


Flavourly are offering Fishfingers for tea readers a discount of £10 off their first box – use ‘FLAVOURLY10’ at the checkout.

With thanks to Flavourly for my free box. I was not required to write a positive review and all thoughts remain my own. 

  • Shona

    Its a nice idea, but sadly, I DON’T advise ordering from Flavourly. Their customer service is abyssmal. I have had 2 problems with my subscription, and both times they failed to respond to on or offline contact. From comments on the web I can see that other people have the same problem… and apparently the owner is only 18, which probably explains the lack of service ethic! n.b I did receive 1 box and the products I received were interesting, but I’d rather have made my own selection (cheaper, more enjoyable, and no expensive mistakes sitting in my cupboard for years) from a farmer’s market or found out about new products via foodie bloggers online. I am still awaiting a response from Flavourly as to why I only received 1 box out of a 3 box subscription but hopefully I have blocked them from taking any more money from my bank…

    • Fishfingers for tea

      Hi Shona. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and offer up a different point of view. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had issues with Flavourly and I really hope they are resolved as soon as possible. I think this is one of the disadvantages of receiving review products, you cannot comment on the customer service as it’s a different process. It’s always good to have a balanced view though so, again, thank you for putting your experience forward.

  • Anne

    Yes I’m afraid i have to agree with Shona. I took out a subscription with Flavourly a few months ago, and while i have been happy with the contents of the boxes and actually found a few gems i would repurchase, when anything goes wrong the customer service is appalling. My last box didn’t turn up and despite attempting to contact them repeatedly and in numerous ways,i’m still waiting for a response. Such a shame as i did think it was a great way to discover new products that i probably would never have chosen myself. I would only recommend when they get their customer service sorted.