Sponsored video: Blacksticks Blue

I find that an advert has to be slightly different these days to really grab my attention and this offering from Butlers for their Blacksticks Blue did that. There’s something rather Tim Burton-esque about it.

I’ve been a fan of Blacksticks Blue for a while now. I originally heard of it when I saw mention of it on twitter and, being a blue cheese fan, had to track it down. Blacksticks Blue tends to develop loyal fans with several celebrity chefs being counted amongst them. It’s different from the blue cheeses that you may be used to seeing on the shelf. It’s soft and creamy but with that distinctive blue cheese tang. Though the taste is unique it’s the colour that draws your eye. Almost amber, it certainly makes for a different addition to a cheeseboard.

I have to confess though that as much as I’m a fan of the cheese I hadn’t learnt that much about the people behind it. Their website originally sucked me in with its quirky style and the more I read about their ethos the more I liked it.

Butlers is very much focused on quality, taking their time to produce a fantastic range. They’ve been making cheese in Lancashire since 1932 and it’s still very much a family business with the third generation taking things forward and the fourth waiting in the wings. Keeping things as local as possible with the furthest farm used for milk being 10 miles away, Butlers create a range of four blues, nine hard cheeses and three soft including two goats cheeses. They are certainly British classics each with their own character and more than worth you hunting down at the supermarket or ordering from Butlers Larder online shop.

You can also find Butlers on Facebook and Twitter.

Post sponsored by Butlers.